Our “little boxes”. These extraordinary video displays can be formed – just like Lego® bricks – into video walls of the most unconventional shapes. MicroTiles™ guarantee outstanding resolution as well as maximum contrast, vibrant colours and fantastic brightness. Click here to find out more: microtiles.excogitare.eu/en

Video touch wall for ITCILO

An 8×3 metre touch wall with 80 Christie Microtiles supported the presentation to the ILO Board of Directors of the 8 main projects and related budget of the International Training and Improvement Center of ILO, the International Labor Organization (UN body).

The touch wall touch initially supported the presentation by the project managers and then ensured going into greater detail thanks to the consultation by the participants of the event.

Supplying the wall and the interactive app, created in just 15 days with the support of the ITCILO team, was a major challenge.

Touch stations for BMS

Objective: to make specialist interviews available in the lobby of a hotel where a Pharma Congress was being held in Rome.
Four touch wall with Christie Microtiles (rear projection video device) with laserscan allowed the participants at the conference to listen to snippets from various interviews on a dedicated portion of the screen. In collaboration with McCann Healthcare.


A solution with 60 Christie MicroTiles™ to highlight content and emphasise the partners of Altagamma, a Foundation that brings together high-level Italian cultural and creative companies.
Altagamma consequently decided take part in the Fuorisalone 2017 during Milan Design Week, at the Zegna studio. The official announcement of Alfa Romeo’s entry into the Foundation also took place during this event.


Cisco made the decision to use Christie MicroTiles™ at the Riccione Congress Hall, enhancing its Top Partners’ digital installations at the 2017 edition of the multinational’s annual get-together. The event provides an opportunity to explore the new challenges of digital transformation. 
A curved video wall and a number of 55-inch monitors brought high-impact staging to life.


Offer solutions beyond the usual monitors and LEDs

Rent Christie MicroTiles

Build a video wall with us, designed using Christie MicroTiles (rear projection cubes) providing maximum resolution, exceptional contrast and brightness. They’re glare-free and look great even in very bright environments. Configurations also in 4K.

SPECIAL PRICE from March 2017. An example: 24 MicroTiles (240x120cm screen size) for a 3-day event, 1,500 Euros. COME AND SEE THEM LIVE! Contact us to find out more…


MicroTiles Christie return to Verona trade fair with Arco Chimica

We created a stand with 102 Christie MicroTiles™ for AR-CO Chemicals at the 2017 edition of Pulire, an international trade show for environmental hygiene products and technology. The stand featured three video walls in an original configuration.

Interactive diamonds

Even Cartier chose Christie MicroTiles™ for a "press day" in Milan

A video wall solution composed of 24 MicroTiles™ with Christie multitouch iKit added zing to an interactive application created by Excogitare. The whole ensemble helped to enhance the collections of fine jewellery from the French fashion house.

McCann Complete Medical experiments with Microtiles

For a Bexsero stand during a medical conference which took place at the MiCo convention centre in Milan, one of the most important Pharma communication agencies, McCann Complete Medical, experienced MicroTiles™ with an interactive video wall and an impressive installation in the shape of a key

Your product at the centre of a video wall

18 Christie MicroTiles™ at Vinitaly 2015
18 Christie MicroTiles™ at Vinitaly 2015
A high-tech collar placed on bottles of exclusive wine that monitors the life of the product
A high-tech collar placed on bottles of exclusive wine that monitors the life of the product
The result is a small, jewel-like wall with a “hero” product placed at the centre - a totally innovative idea!
The result is a small, jewel-like wall with a “hero” product placed at the centre - a totally innovative idea!
Telling the story of wine and technology with a small configuration of MicroTiles™ (rear projection cubes).
Telling the story of wine and technology with a small configuration of MicroTiles™ (rear projection cubes).
A video wall that’s petite but very charming
A video wall that’s petite but very charming
With the Wenda Device, Wenda App and Wenda Cloud nothing is lost!
With the Wenda Device, Wenda App and Wenda Cloud nothing is lost!


LED or MicroTiles?

For “Pulire” 2015, trade show dedicated to industrial cleaning systems held in Verona, Dulevo International needed to create a large wall on its stand. Instead of using a conventional LED wall, the company decided to try out Christie MicroTiles™.

Dulevo wanted to introduce something new to the sector that could manage high-quality digital content combined with performance that “outshines” the usual LED displays – both in terms of brightness and colour management. 80 MicroTiles™, formed into a screen of 4 × 2.80m, really brought the stand to life.

ECFC 2013 – European Conference on Cystic Fibrosis

A thousand people against 10,000 bacteria

Novartis required a stand to communicate the characteristics of a specific product.A game created for a major pharmaceutical company featuring an iPad and MicroTiles™ proved very popular with the 1100 players who took part in killing approximately 10,000 bacteria by hurling foam balls at a wall composed of 35 MicroTiles™. The game united individual players or pairs in a virtual battle against the bacterium “Pseudomonas aeruginosa”, the major cause of serious damage from cystic fibrosis, with the drug for the treatment of the disease. In addition to killing the bacteria, the game also included several striking, symbolic features, which enhanced the action of the players. The features of the game included:on-stand registration via iPad; issuing the “weapons”, the foam balls; players’ names and scores on the MicroTiles™ wall; and a match lasting 30 seconds with a free prize for the winner. The game produced great customer satisfaction and attracted a high number of participants and the client has decided to replicate the game at a future event.All the technology and digital content created for the stand, was realized by us.

At the Rimini Meeting with IntesaSanpaolo

Touchscreen video wall made from Christie MicroTiles™ in Rimini

Banca IntesaSanpaolo decided to try out Christie MicroTiles™ and commissioned from us a touchscreen video wall with I-kit (the multitouch application for Christie MicroTiles™).The video wall, made up of 24 MicroTiles, has been included in a booth in the exhibition area of ??the Rimini Meeting in late August.We also produced an interactive application to manage digital content, which allowed participants to experience IntesaSanpaolo’s “possible  world” through the words of ordinary folk and businesspeople.
The installation highlighted the bank’s role in the forthcoming Expo and some of Intesa’s cultural activities as well.

EAACI 2014 – European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

In Copenhagen with Christie MicroTiles™ and interactive monitors

In June 2014 Novartis asked us to create a stand for the International Congress of Allergology EAACI Copenhagen to coordinate local suppliers of audio and video technology for symposiums with 400 doctors. We designed and created a 100m2 stand, with a “simple” interactive where two handsets – operated with an Arduino interface card – enabled different content to appear on two 46″monitors. An area with a large screen size of 3.6 meters x 2.7 meters, composed of 81 Christie MicroTiles™, completed the visual concept of the stand.

Lobby spectacular in Los Angeles

Extraordinary curved video wall composed of 108 MicroTiles™

Christie Digital Systems, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of projection systems and in particular the producer of MicroTiles™, created an amazing Lobby for its headquarters in Los Angeles featuring 108 Christie MicroTiles™, a rear projection video display in high resolution that can be configured like “Lego®” bricks.
The installation was created on a curved wall with the ability to update content in real time. The production with a resolution of 23,760 x 2,700 pixels, the equivalent of 30 HD displays or 8 4K displays. As Christie’s partner and a MicroTiles™ expert we produce customized  content and offers solutions for hire employing this incredible technology.

BEA Expo festival

Video wall for a "wow effect" with MicroTiles™

For the fourth year running, Excogitare took Christie MicroTiles™ to the BEA (Best Event Awards) Festival organised by ADC Group.
This year again, the Foyer of the Teatro Parenti in Milan featured an 8×2 metre video wall composed of 84 MicroTiles™. In collaboration with Clonwerk, which was responsible for content production and Filmmaster, in charge of design, the 48 videos of the short list candidates for the BEA Awards for the best event of the year, were again brought to life this year. Here are the pictures from the last two editions of this event


Multitouch Solution from Christie

Christie’s i-Kit app is customised for large-format displays and connects the perimeter of any large screen up to 16×6, including Christie MicroTiles™. This allows multiple users to interact simultaneously with a rectangular video wall with sufficient resolution and speed to support finger swiping. i-Kit integrates seamlessly with Christie JumpStart the software and provides a content management solution that works with digital displays requiring up to four video inputs.

ECFC 2012 – European Conference on Cystic Fibrosis

Videowall touchscreen made with Christie MicroTiles™ in Dublin

Novartis needed a particularly innovativestand.
For the first time in Europe we used i-kit, the multitouchapplication realized by Christie MicroTiles™ (a new rear projection video display) to present scientific data, with a configuration of 3×6 MicroTiles™ giving a total resolution of 1080 x 3240 pixels. In addition to this display the stand featured an interactive LCD tabletop a 55″ LED screen which allowed participants to interact in real time with dedicated content and engage with the product campaign through an entertaining puzzle.

EADV 2012 – Annual Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

Videowall "wow! effect" in Prague

Novartis required an especially information-rich stand. We created a videowall using 58 Christie MicroTiles™ (a new type of video display using rear projection) combined An eye-catching irregular composition, and supported by a media player with 4x Full HD resolution, making it possible to display rich content with high quality video. The specially designed graphics and the highly innovative Christie MicroTiles™ engaged participants and persuaded them to stay longer on the stand

Bea Festival events

Drawing with the new Christie multitouch application

Multitouch videowall composed with Christie MicroTiles™ in Milan. Presented for the first time in Italy to all the participants at the Best Event Awards (BEA) in 2013 in Milan, the new I-kit application for, has attracted a lot of interest. Using a configuration of 6×4 Christie MicroTiles™ attendees could draw using simple brushes and all a full range of hues by mixing them on a painter’s palette with primary colours. A professional illustrator helped engage the audience.
Up to 9 people can interact simultaneously with the system, which can be equipped with tablets using this configuration.

IBM experiences 78 Christie MicroTiles™

IBM Business Connect 2013 at the Ice Palace in Milan
An installation of 30MicroTiles™ welcomed 1,300 customers, with greeting animations, and promotion of times and places of events
3 installations , one of which is for the welcome area
IBM experienced Christie MicroTiles™ for presentations
Christie MicroTiles™ for brightly-lit rooms
24 Christie MicroTiles™ for every room break out

Bookstore & touchscreen applications

Pharma stand to communicate the results of scientific results into cardiac dysfunction
We created an application for the iPad with which, through a quiz, the contents were transmitted to 2 monitors of 40"and 65" respectively
Quiz application with iPad with specially-produced custom graphics
Virtual Library where by touching the real books, their content was made available via a specially-created application
Configuration of 12 touch screen 12 MicroTiles™ placed under the scientific books
"Disease awareness" monitor for heart problems

EADV 2013 – Annual Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

Mix of technology solutions for a large stand in Istanbul

Novartis needed to create a stand in order to presentvarious technological innovations and thereby position itself as a reference point for physicians in the field of dermatology. Thanks to the historic collaboration with our partners, we designed and built a stand of 170 square meters with 58 Christie MicroTiles™, augmented reality, touchscreen monitors and several specific applications which also featured the new proximity marketing  technologies (NFC) and gestural interactivity (Leapmotion). The event required an enormous effort to co-ordinate with the various parties involved, including two international communication agencies. In addition to taking care of the installation of the technologies, we realized all the multimedia applications and, after the Congress, we created a portal from which all the local offices of Novartis throughout  the world could download applications with instructions and source files for customizing , translate and re-use in local markets.

Interactive wall for Cisco at SMAU

A “Memory” consisting of 29 Christie MicroTiles™

For its stand at SMAU 2013 Cisco chose to use an Interactive wall with 29 Christie MicroTiles™ to enhance their performance at the event.
Along with the installation, we took care of content development  and created an application with a game, Memory, which allowed delegated to “pair” Cisco solutions.
The solutions displayed on the videowall included: video conferencing; Unified Access, a converging network platform; Bizmall, a portal with solutions for SMEs; Unified Computing System; as well as a campaign to enhance the American multinational’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

EAACI 2013 – European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

A wall of MicroTiles™ and LEDs at MICO in Milan

Novartis needed to create an innovative wall for a stand at the EAACI Milan. We designed and built a configuration with 24 MicroTiles™ formed into a videowall and decorated with small PVC tiles lit by LEDs. An application with two touch monitor 55″ has completed the stand.

Christmas events

Christie MicroTiles™ and large projections

Vibram also chose for the first time Christie MicroTiles™ with a configuration that has reproduced the shape of the company’s logo with 52 MicroTiles™ for the firm’s Christmas dinner, held specially for its partners in Montebelluna, Treviso. To celebrate with all their employees at the Albizzate factory in Varese, Vibram chose a solution which involved projecting onto four large screens in Milan. We provided both solutions and the highly effective content production was prepared directly by the customer.