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Not only people had to learn how to work remotely during recent events.
Companies also had to face new distance-related challenges. With the ban on traveling to meetings, conferences or conventions, the ways to share information have changed.
Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and many others have filled most of the needs but a more sophisticated and engaging approach is needed to communicate, inform and train people inside and outside companies.
The virtual studio is an excellent solution to produce contents with greater presence, versatility, refinement, and professionalism to support the current communication needs.

Video touch wall for ITCILO

An 8×3 metre touch wall with 80 Christie Microtiles supported the presentation to the ILO Board of Directors of the 8 main projects and related budget of the International Training and Improvement Center of ILO, the International Labor Organization (UN body).

The touch wall touch initially supported the presentation by the project managers and then ensured going into greater detail thanks to the consultation by the participants of the event.

Supplying the wall and the interactive app, created in just 15 days with the support of the ITCILO team, was a major challenge.

Touch stations for BMS

Objective: to make specialist interviews available in the lobby of a hotel where a Pharma Congress was being held in Rome.
Four touch wall with Christie Microtiles (rear projection video device) with laserscan allowed the participants at the conference to listen to snippets from various interviews on a dedicated portion of the screen. In collaboration with McCann Healthcare.


Simple, easy-to-use app guarantees success

Insert a “magic” token, turn the handle on the stove and take a mini-apple pie! We will capture your expression and your amazement with a photo or a gif sent by mail and which can be shared on social media. This is the application developed for and with MRM-McCann for the Indesit brand to create a truly special “vending machine”.

For Hermès we developed the app in various editions for a photo booth which takes centre-stage in a series of in-store events organized by the brand in Italy. Customers immortalized their own outfit with a snap, after choosing the brand’s accessories, with a flood of single and group photos.


New double-sided OLED LG monitors: two sides, only 0.7mm thick

OLED screens are now a reality and are starting to be mass-produced for the professional market. We offer double-sided 55″ monitors from LG, available to buy or hire. With a thickness of only 7.9 mm, the two sides of the monitor can also handle different content.Extremely bright, high-performance and ultra-thin, black hues appear really black and the content is visible from all angles. They’re definitely worth trying.Excogitare: the rental experts for all your events.

Offer solutions beyond the usual monitors and LEDs

Rent Christie MicroTiles

Build a video wall with us, designed using Christie MicroTiles (rear projection cubes) providing maximum resolution, exceptional contrast and brightness. They’re glare-free and look great even in very bright environments. Configurations also in 4K.

SPECIAL PRICE from March 2017. An example: 24 MicroTiles (240x120cm screen size) for a 3-day event, 1,500 Euros. COME AND SEE THEM LIVE! Contact us to find out more…


Available to hire for your events

We can provide display systems in 4k with projection, Christie Microtiles and monitors. 
Our key partners are able to handle high resolution content: Analog Way, Christie, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Blackmagic, Coolux and Lightware.
To make your events even more amazing we can offer solutions and advice regarding small and large formats in 4K.

Interactive diamonds

Even Cartier chose Christie MicroTiles™ for a "press day" in Milan

A video wall solution composed of 24 MicroTiles™ with Christie multitouch iKit added zing to an interactive application created by Excogitare. The whole ensemble helped to enhance the collections of fine jewellery from the French fashion house.

Simulating the degree of severity of psoriasis

The set-up of a stand for a major pharmaceutical company in an international congress of Dermatology (EADV 2015) in Copenhagen.

We used 45 square metres of AOTO 3.5 mm LEDs, for 3 large screens and multiple touch monitors. We also created several of the interactive applications on the stand.
Among these, the “PASI Projector” is of particular interest. This is an interactive system to display psoriasis marks on the hand and forearm, thereby attempting to raise awareness among doctors participating in the conference of this often neglected disease.
The interaction was facilitated by means of a special monitor with object recognition and a projector with high luminosity.
The solution was designed and developed by Excogitare.


Rent a 30K-4K CHRISTIE BOXER – the power of a heavyweight with the agility of a middleweight.

The super-projector was designed to make a high-impact when renting. It is ideal for large events and 3D mapping. Unique in its class, the super-projector offers unbeatable performance, lumens and dimensions. Boasting 4k 4096 × 2160 resolution with genuine TRULIFE technology, it offers excellent image quality, including HD, thanks to its internal Christie Upscaling processor. Easy handling ensures reduced time and costs when compared to inferior set-ups: the Christie weighs only 68kg as against 124kg for projectors of similar performance. It measures 96 x 60 x 30cm compared to the traditional 153 x 91 x 72cm. The super-projector features three 1.38” DLP chips and six lamps using Mercury technology, which makes it the quietest in its class. It also has a full range of lenses and is integrated with Christie’s Twist system. It can be positioned in different settings, thus compensating for design and staging constraints. It even allows distorted images to be mixed and corrected in multivision use or complex mapping. The super-projector is powered by a simple single-phase electrical source as opposed to an industrial, three-phase supply.

Excogitare also offers projectors such as the Christie 14K-M, less bright than the Boxer 30K, but with outstanding performance despite its compact size. It can be used in low-lighting environments and when only smaller projection screens are available.

Your product at the centre of a video wall

18 Christie MicroTiles™ at Vinitaly 2015
18 Christie MicroTiles™ at Vinitaly 2015
A high-tech collar placed on bottles of exclusive wine that monitors the life of the product
A high-tech collar placed on bottles of exclusive wine that monitors the life of the product
The result is a small, jewel-like wall with a “hero” product placed at the centre - a totally innovative idea!
The result is a small, jewel-like wall with a “hero” product placed at the centre - a totally innovative idea!
Telling the story of wine and technology with a small configuration of MicroTiles™ (rear projection cubes).
Telling the story of wine and technology with a small configuration of MicroTiles™ (rear projection cubes).
A video wall that’s petite but very charming
A video wall that’s petite but very charming
With the Wenda Device, Wenda App and Wenda Cloud nothing is lost!
With the Wenda Device, Wenda App and Wenda Cloud nothing is lost!

Lobby spectacular in Los Angeles

Extraordinary curved video wall composed of 108 MicroTiles™

Christie Digital Systems, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of projection systems and in particular the producer of MicroTiles™, created an amazing Lobby for its headquarters in Los Angeles featuring 108 Christie MicroTiles™, a rear projection video display in high resolution that can be configured like “Lego®” bricks.
The installation was created on a curved wall with the ability to update content in real time. The production with a resolution of 23,760 x 2,700 pixels, the equivalent of 30 HD displays or 8 4K displays. As Christie’s partner and a MicroTiles™ expert we produce customized  content and offers solutions for hire employing this incredible technology.

Projection mapping

Is it possible to simplify production?

“The event is next week, we do not know what the structure is or what the set will be like until the last moment.  Can you get something ready?”
How many times have we heard this from the client?
We built a library of content: from graphic games, lights, strobe effects, buildings collapsing, vegetation sprouting  and so on and so forth. Some of our generic graphics can be easily customized with bespoke colours, logos or shapes inspired by the event. Using special software we can map a variety of generic content onto the set, making it seem to move, spin around or disappear completely – with only a day’s notice, if required.
We can also stream live content or project interactive content and map it directly onto the set.


The new way to do proximity marketing

Notify your customers of special offers, update them about new products and share interactive content with them based on their proximity to the items in your store.
Get useful statistics, track the route taken by customers through the store and the articles they have looked at. When customers leave the store, take the opportunity to gain their loyalty and invite them to come back. B-One does all this and much more. Discover all the benefits it can bring to your business. Share your position at trade fairs with potential customers and guide them to your stand. Distribute digital catalogues and promotional gifts by leveraging the power of B-One. And you can ensure the loyalty of your customers as they exit in order to continue the marketing activities for products or to share customized news even when they are far away from you.
All this is now possible thanks to the interaction between your smartphone and small programmable devices called Beacon.


Multitouch Solution from Christie

Christie’s i-Kit app is customised for large-format displays and connects the perimeter of any large screen up to 16×6, including Christie MicroTiles™. This allows multiple users to interact simultaneously with a rectangular video wall with sufficient resolution and speed to support finger swiping. i-Kit integrates seamlessly with Christie JumpStart the software and provides a content management solution that works with digital displays requiring up to four video inputs.

Multi touch with object recognition

Are you planning to use a multi touch table? We have developed a new solution that allows the recognition of objects with different shapes using any type of monitor combined with an infrared touchscreen frame. Resting a solid cylinder on the screen rather than a cube, you can access different content via the application.
The results obtained are similar to the Samsung SUR40 (the old Microsoft Surface), but with a much more readily available technology, far less expensive and with the advantage of being able to use a monitor of any size.

Content and Wi-Fi for large audiences

Internet even in the presence of large numbers

We offer a Wi-Fi coverage service within a stadium or arena for a huge audience. How many times has it happened while watching a concert or a sporting event that attendees have not been able to share the emotion of the moment with friends because their smartphone reads “Cannot connect to the internet. Try again …”? We can guarantee Wi-Fi coverage to an audience of between 5,000 and 60,000 people. The system provides simultaneous access to 75% of those present, making network, web applications and active contentavailable.