Available to hire for your events

We can provide display systems in 4k with projection, Christie Microtiles and monitors. 
Our key partners are able to handle high resolution content: Analog Way, Christie, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Blackmagic, Coolux and Lightware.
To make your events even more amazing we can offer solutions and advice regarding small and large formats in 4K.

Interactive diamonds

Even Cartier chose Christie MicroTiles™ for a "press day" in Milan

A video wall solution composed of 24 MicroTiles™ with Christie multitouch iKit added zing to an interactive application created by Excogitare. The whole ensemble helped to enhance the collections of fine jewellery from the French fashion house.

Mix of technology for pharma event

Eular 2015

We provided some hi-tech “goodies” on the 145 square meter stand of a multinational pharma company at an international rheumatology congress in Rome. A high-performance interactive table was used to display publications and clinical studies with interactive routes generated by recognising objects. Excogitare  also developed an interactive app which an operator used to show exclusive materials to doctors. The tabled also featured a seamless 55″ monitor, the only one of its kind in the world, which allows an “unlimited” number of simultaneous touch points. The monitor also recognises objects via their shape and size as well as by markers. Since the monitor is seamless it is possible to connect more monitors to create interactive journeys.
Excogitare also created an interactive installation with 3 LED arches 2.6 metres in height. One of the arches was lined internally with a curved LED screen. (We also developed an app.) An emotional journey with video content was activated by a sensor that can detect visitors’ position. An engaging audio experience was employed directional speakers with ultrasound. The last arch offered insights to raise physicians’ awareness of rheumatoid arthritis through the use monitors.
The stand also hosted an animated sculpture (produced by Gruppo Interfiere) representing the operation of the molecule that causes the disease.

New luxury store in Lugano

A 30-meter banner for a new concept

Blue, a new and glamorous retail area for clothing and accessories on the lakefront of downtown Lugano near the new LAC cultural centre, houses a banner video made with 11 Christie DHD 675 projectors of 6000ANSI lumens. We developed the multimedia project, in collaboration with the architectural firm Spatium, with a forceful brief from the client to put the accent on innovation. We identified the best technological solution, installed projectors and created and produced the video content, which included managing graphics solutions at a resolution of 17,000 x 1,080 pixels. The various editions of the 30m x 2m video banner will, over time,develop various concepts that will focus both on works of art as well as on the products of the brands represented in the boutique.

36 meter projection for 400 doctors

Urticaria Global Forum 2014. First international for urticaria (hives)
We provided all the technology for the plenary session
We also produced the content, managed the display and created animations, transitions and walk-ins
We made a post-event application after the eventto synchronize slides, reports andother online for non-attendees
We also provided the technology for 8 workshops
We have experimented a new edge-to-edge modular system to mount standard projection drape on truss

Video mapping in 3D

Spectacular festivals in Lugano

In 2012, the City of Lugano wanted to give its citizens a special treat for the holidays.We made two videos, one dedicated to Christmas and one to celebrate the New Year, which were projected onto the facade of City Hall inpiazza della Riformain Lugano and were accompanied every 30 minutes for 15 days by “Christmas in the streets”, a series of initiatives organized by the city to celebrate Christmas. The 3D video mapping performance was staged with Emme, our technology partner for the Swiss territory.

ECFC 2013 – European Conference on Cystic Fibrosis

A thousand people against 10,000 bacteria

Novartis required a stand to communicate the characteristics of a specific product.A game created for a major pharmaceutical company featuring an iPad and MicroTiles™ proved very popular with the 1100 players who took part in killing approximately 10,000 bacteria by hurling foam balls at a wall composed of 35 MicroTiles™. The game united individual players or pairs in a virtual battle against the bacterium “Pseudomonas aeruginosa”, the major cause of serious damage from cystic fibrosis, with the drug for the treatment of the disease. In addition to killing the bacteria, the game also included several striking, symbolic features, which enhanced the action of the players. The features of the game included:on-stand registration via iPad; issuing the “weapons”, the foam balls; players’ names and scores on the MicroTiles™ wall; and a match lasting 30 seconds with a free prize for the winner. The game produced great customer satisfaction and attracted a high number of participants and the client has decided to replicate the game at a future event.All the technology and digital content created for the stand, was realized by us.

12 plasma screens form the bow of a submarine

A journey into the human body

We took care of the system design and production of 12 animations in 3D, each synchronized to a video server with high capacity remote control.
The audio and soundtrack were produced in Dolby Surround 5.1.
The resources available in 2001 for this type of multivision were very different from this of today. In those years it was a real challenge and an ambitious project that certainly gave us the opportunity to develop a unique experience in this field. This was a project that is still talked about today and was a source of pride for the whole team.

All-round technology for Versace

International tech setups

Versace asked us to create various solutions for their head offices and stores throughout Europe.
We provided productions with multimedia technologies for fashion shows, multimedia systems for the Vetrastreet theatre in Milan, as well as for the stores in Venice, Florence, Rome, London, Paris and for some showrooms.
Excogitare has also realized multimedia installations for the board room of Versace’s HQ in via Borgospesso in Milan. We also set up a monitor system in the reception and equipped the meeting room with technology hidden from view by custom-made leather panels as part of the bespoke interior design project

An internal meeting full of activities and emotions

Incentive session with ten edited montages in real time in Miami, FL

ALTANA Pharma asked us to organize an incentivesession for 100 participants. There were ten groups, each given a theme and one afternoon to create a short film.
We prepared a kit with everything needed to create a movie and a detailed guide for each of the participants. Each team was given a map and a van with a guide. Each person could choose a role and for each role there was an envelope containing tools and instructions: the director, the cinematographer, the screenwriter, the sound engineer, the cameraman, etc. A team of six editors were waiting for on their return and in the space of a few hours they put together the 10 films that were screened and received awards during a gala dinner.
This type of incentive session, organized back in 2003, which was already complex enough to organize presented even more of a challenge given the very narrow timeframes allowed and the high level of care that we gave to all the details.

Events and services for Novartis Global Marketing

Excogitare has been the preferred supplier of Novartis since 2008

We provide integrated solutions for communications and technology: multimedia productions, audiovisual rental and special applications. Our strengths are our creativity, reliability and expertise. We support Novartis in internal meetings, conferences, stands, congresses and symposia with commitment and passion both in Europe and worldwide.

EAACI 2014 – European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

In Copenhagen with Christie MicroTiles™ and interactive monitors

In June 2014 Novartis asked us to create a stand for the International Congress of Allergology EAACI Copenhagen to coordinate local suppliers of audio and video technology for symposiums with 400 doctors. We designed and created a 100m2 stand, with a “simple” interactive where two handsets – operated with an Arduino interface card – enabled different content to appear on two 46″monitors. An area with a large screen size of 3.6 meters x 2.7 meters, composed of 81 Christie MicroTiles™, completed the visual concept of the stand.

Multi-screen projection in Cologne

7 screens for Rimadesio

Once again, on the occasion of an important event, this time in Cologne in Germany, we used the technique of multi-screen projection that allowed us to recreate a dynamic environment where the images projected became the true stars of the venue.
We took care of the production for 7 screens, as well as directing and co-ordinating the event and installing  the visual display system.

EADV 2014 Annual Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

Two stands and a symposium

We managed the technological equipment for two adjoining stands of 100 square meters each and provided technical support for audio and video with 186 MicroTiles™ and 30 LCD seamless monitors in various solutions with a touch screen videowall and we produced digital content. One particularly interesting feature was the realization of a multi touch table with object recognition. By moving a solid spherical shape or a cube, delegates could access different content via the application. We developed dedicated software and content using an infrared touch screen device. We coordinated the technical direction for a symposium with 700 participants and a private streaming link to room in anexternal location with another 200 spectators. We optimized the content of the slides in line with the graphics of the event and made short animations and walk-in installations. We also created a web application that after the event allowed a slideshow to be viewed online, synchronized with speech and video contributions.
Finally, we developed a portal from which all the local offices of Novartis worldwide could download the applications used on the stands with instructions and source files so that they could be customized, translated and re-used in local markets.

Projection mapping

Is it possible to simplify production?

“The event is next week, we do not know what the structure is or what the set will be like until the last moment.  Can you get something ready?”
How many times have we heard this from the client?
We built a library of content: from graphic games, lights, strobe effects, buildings collapsing, vegetation sprouting  and so on and so forth. Some of our generic graphics can be easily customized with bespoke colours, logos or shapes inspired by the event. Using special software we can map a variety of generic content onto the set, making it seem to move, spin around or disappear completely – with only a day’s notice, if required.
We can also stream live content or project interactive content and map it directly onto the set.

European Cystic Fibosis Society (ECFS) Göteborg 2014

Stand and workshops for 800 participants

We created a stand of 60 square meters: it was small but packed full of activities. We also co-ordinated local suppliers of audio and video technology for several symposia. For the stand we have created a “virtual tree” – a multimedia installation formed from 10 iPads which 110 users interacted with. We even set up an augmented reality corner. The iPad application was designed to visualize the results of a satisfaction questionnaire in real time. After answering a questionnaire the user could check how their feedback related to that of the nine other participants. The interaction was handled by a local server which controlled the iPads via wi-fi. Meanwhile, augmented reality was used with two iMacs and two printed books displaying scientific content. The pages of the books were fitted with electronic tags. Two web cams were installed into a pair of table lamps that shone on the books. The user could browse the book and when the web cam read a tag, its content appeared on the computer monitors as a 3D animation. The stand also featured two 55″ monitors, where related content could be accessed and controlled using an iPad. The backdrop of the stand was dedicated to medical topics with monitors displaying videos and questionnaires.



ALTANA Pharma was Excogitare’s first client in the pharmaceutical sector in 2001 when it was still called BykGulden, until 2008 when the company was acquired by a Danish pharmaceutical firm. Working for ALTANA Pharma has been very useful in terms of the experience it offered us as a launch pad for the international market. In those years, we realized that we could compete with other agencies at the international level by offering expertise and flexibility. We have been involved with numerous stands, interactive installations, symposia, internal meetings and special events with ALTANAPharma.

“ZEGNA TROPHY” – Spring Regattas in Portofino

Three days of racing with 360° shooting of the race course, featuring cameras on the ground, on boats and on inflatables in the water
Audio-video set-up, simultaneous translation and post-production on site
The glitz and glamour of an annual event sponsored by the Zegna family
Big screens, TV filming, video and graphics, with nightly race highlights
The final movie: "ZegnaTrophy " and the party at the castle
We have supported 10 editions, up to the 25th and latest anniversary of the race. We also continue to collaborate on projects for the showrooms.

ECFC 2012 – European Conference on Cystic Fibrosis

Videowall touchscreen made with Christie MicroTiles™ in Dublin

Novartis needed a particularly innovativestand.
For the first time in Europe we used i-kit, the multitouchapplication realized by Christie MicroTiles™ (a new rear projection video display) to present scientific data, with a configuration of 3×6 MicroTiles™ giving a total resolution of 1080 x 3240 pixels. In addition to this display the stand featured an interactive LCD tabletop a 55″ LED screen which allowed participants to interact in real time with dedicated content and engage with the product campaign through an entertaining puzzle.

EADV 2012 – Annual Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

Videowall "wow! effect" in Prague

Novartis required an especially information-rich stand. We created a videowall using 58 Christie MicroTiles™ (a new type of video display using rear projection) combined An eye-catching irregular composition, and supported by a media player with 4x Full HD resolution, making it possible to display rich content with high quality video. The specially designed graphics and the highly innovative Christie MicroTiles™ engaged participants and persuaded them to stay longer on the stand

DLM, Dermathology Leaders Meeting 2014, Amsterdam

Meeting for 350 marketing executives

With a picturesque location, the terminal for cruise ships from the local harbour with 350 pax, the plenary hall was enhanced with a large stage and a 15×8 meter screen with 4 projectors of 20,000 ANSI lumens managed media by a server and graphics mixer. We used projections and lighting to create a stunning and unique  atmosphere. Each brand presented their product using their own creative ideas, which produced  a very complex mix of communication and performances: from dance to storytelling.
We also added magic to the gala dinner with lights, live music and special effects.

DLM, Dermathology Leaders Meeting in 2013, Istanbul

Meeting for 250 marketing executives

This was the first global meeting of Novartis’s Dermatology Division and where the “Skin to live in” campaign was presented. For the plenary we created three large white walls on which we showed different projection layouts depending on the presentation. For the staging we used 5 20,000 ANSI lumens projectors, lights, audio and related control rooms. To emphasize the content being presented, we created an application with which it was possible to write keywords and then project them on the screens at the critical moment.

Performance at the Teatro Nuovo in Milan

"From Italy," Performance in one act at the Teatro Nuovo in Milan.

We edited and produced the video projections, light shows, auditorium sound broadcast. We also handled the image and video production, multiscreen projection and directed the show.
The stars of the show were world-famous Italians, which we produced multimedia content for.
Thirty Italian companies were involved, including: Illycaffè, Alessi, Kartell, La Perla, LesCopains, Bulgari, Loro Piana, Ca’ del Bosco, Missoni, Della Valle, Etro, Fendi, Riva, Ferragamo, Valentino, Ferrari, Valextra, Ferre, Versace, Flos, Fontana Arte, Frette and Gucci.

Multiscreen installation in via Montenapoleone in Milan

Special decorations in the fashion district

In 2000, during the Christmas holidays, via Montenapoleone was decked out in a very particular way. The studio of architects Ravelli&Castagna conceived the project, Bloomberg sponsored the event and we were in charge of the taken care of the executive part,  realising6 multimedia totems each consisting of 4 28” monitors 28, 1 42” plasma monitor and a video server for managing the effects.
For the entire day the totems showed Christmas-themedmultiscreen movies specially produced by us for the occasion. A live feed from the Bloomberg satellite channel was also screened on the totems.


Technological equipment at the Venice Biennale

Installations and video production for Ance

While Studio Antonio Citterio and Partners in Milan created the project, we took care of the technological equipment of the Ance pavilion at the Venice Biennale. 
We produced a corporate video and managed the integration of hardware and software for an event that lasted two and a half months. Various transparent panels made of a special active film material hung in the pavilion. These panels could automatically become opaque for projecting video onto.

Corporate video for Banca Intesa

Employees play themselves

Always looking for new ideas, the communications department of Banca Intesa commissioned us in the realization of several movies to be used during the banking group’s convention. 
We achieved a classical and refined style for the movies by producing them on film. This was combined with carefully crafting the messages and which saw the bank’s staff became performers portraying  themselves in their daily work.


Interactive games and video walls for Sudler& Hennessey

In 2011, this major communications agency needed to set up a special stand.
We designed and built a multimedia stand with gestural interactivity (interactive video wall), digital signage (distribution of multimedia content on multiple monitors), kioskcommunication (multimedia totems with dedicated applications) and interactive games (driving simulation, complete with steering wheel).
We created the concept and content and co-ordinated the rental of technologies used.

Video for the Fiera Milano (Milan trade fair and exhibition complex)

A special inauguration

In 2005, for the inauguration of the new Fiera Milano at Rho, we made a movie drawing on an archive of historical photos in black and white.
The difficult task bringing static images to life and making them dynamic was overcome in a highly effective way by processing all the digitally.
Buildings, sky, monuments, streets and pavements magically took shape and and glowed with fresh colours as they illustrated not only historical moments but also everyday life in the Lombardy capital, Milan.
The video was presented at the Triennale on the opening night with projections on the big screen.

Base blu

Inauguration of the new Hermès store in Varese

Hermès needed to create a special atmosphere for the opening of their new sales point in Varese. A spectacular party in the piazza under a marquee specially made for the occasion featured the projection of live images of the evening and combined to made the atmosphere even more exciting.We were in charge of displaying video recordings and a live feed from the event on the big screen.
We also handled the post-production of a promotional film for the new store.

Open house

Glam party in Milan for Monte Grappa

This was a glitzy event in the heart of Milan. It was carefully staged with elaborate set design, lighting, projections, sound effects and a small stage for the guests of honour.
We managed the video production and installation in all its phases, as well as co-ordinating and directing the event.

Multi-screen projection in Milan

An explosion of design, a voyage into the Segis universe

In collaboration with an architectural firm in Milan, we inaugurated the Segis showroom in the heart of Milan.
We oversaw the technical design of one of the showroom spaces and the production of a movie in high resolution for the projection screens.


Kiosk communication for stand

IntesaSanpaolo promoted the sale of tickets for Expo 2015 on its stand at the 2014 Assemblea Nazionale Comuni Italiani (Anci), a gathering of public officials from Italian cities, at Fieramilano City

The stand of the IntesaSanpaolo banking group at the Salone del Gusto in Turin, hosted a totem realized by Excogitare.
We produced the contentof the call to action, targeting users, who could also browse the “Created in Italy” portal that IntesaSanpaolo has produced to promote the tourism business of its partners for Expo.