The new way to do proximity marketing

Notify your customers of special offers, update them about new products and share interactive content with them based on their proximity to the items in your store.
Get useful statistics, track the route taken by customers through the store and the articles they have looked at. When customers leave the store, take the opportunity to gain their loyalty and invite them to come back. B-One does all this and much more. Discover all the benefits it can bring to your business. Share your position at trade fairs with potential customers and guide them to your stand. Distribute digital catalogues and promotional gifts by leveraging the power of B-One. And you can ensure the loyalty of your customers as they exit in order to continue the marketing activities for products or to share customized news even when they are far away from you.
All this is now possible thanks to the interaction between your smartphone and small programmable devices called Beacon.

EADV 2013 – Annual Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

Mix of technology solutions for a large stand in Istanbul

Novartis needed to create a stand in order to presentvarious technological innovations and thereby position itself as a reference point for physicians in the field of dermatology. Thanks to the historic collaboration with our partners, we designed and built a stand of 170 square meters with 58 Christie MicroTiles™, augmented reality, touchscreen monitors and several specific applications which also featured the new proximity marketing  technologies (NFC) and gestural interactivity (Leapmotion). The event required an enormous effort to co-ordinate with the various parties involved, including two international communication agencies. In addition to taking care of the installation of the technologies, we realized all the multimedia applications and, after the Congress, we created a portal from which all the local offices of Novartis throughout  the world could download applications with instructions and source files for customizing , translate and re-use in local markets.

“Connected” meeting in Istanbul

A wired and wireless network for Sudler & Hennessey

In 2010 this major communications agency needed to set up a dedicated network for a special pharmaceutical meeting with 400 participants in Istanbul.
We designed and built a wired and wireless network to cover the public areas, workshops and meeting  rooms and enabled the use of 400 iPod Touch to allow participants to follow the proceedings facilitate remote voting.

Content and Wi-Fi for large audiences

Internet even in the presence of large numbers

We offer a Wi-Fi coverage service within a stadium or arena for a huge audience. How many times has it happened while watching a concert or a sporting event that attendees have not been able to share the emotion of the moment with friends because their smartphone reads “Cannot connect to the internet. Try again …”? We can guarantee Wi-Fi coverage to an audience of between 5,000 and 60,000 people. The system provides simultaneous access to 75% of those present, making network, web applications and active contentavailable.