New multimedia room for Banco Popolare

Excogitare set up the room’s multimedia system with around 70 seats. Given the constraints imposed by the Italian Department of Cultural Heritage, every choice taken in carrying out the set-up focused on preserving the room’s authentic original state as much as possible.
Villa Guerrina, a Venetian villa modernized in 1860 by the architect Francesco Ronzani, has now been completely renovated and restored by the Banco Popolare di Verona for training activities and presentations by the General Directorate.
The 75” display monitors used also floor-mounted since it was impossible to attach any brackets to the wall.
The project involved renovating and restoring the meeting room of Villa Guerrina, which features a fresco by an unknown artist.
For shooting from the front and centre, Panasonic cameras secured with special brackets were selected. These were paired with a Cisco videoconferencing solution and combined with a Crestron home automation system.
For the audio system floor-mounted 150 watt Fohhn speakers were chosen.